Tech Mex is a non-profit focused on the further education of Mexican citizens

Our goal is to teach our students real-life skills pertaining to the technology sector, ultimately bringing jobs to the region and value to the technology companies for which they will eventually work. With the help of our business partners, Tech Mex aims to offer a variety of business, technology, and English classes at no cost to the student.

Our school is located in Ciudad Obregon (Sonora state, population of 3.04 million). Through our market research, we have discovered a lack of higher education institutions but many international and technology companies that could greatly benefit from our graduates. This level of education offers any technology company a qualified candidate that can be onboarded with minimal additional training and expense.

Company Overview


Our mission is to bring valuable knowledge and resources to the people of Mexico to assist in their transition into the corporate environment.


Our vision is to be a powerful educator and advocate for the Mexican workforce that helps displaced and marginalized people secure careers. We further stress community involvement and development.

Functions & Beneficiaries

Our main priority is providing students with quality education with which they may access corporate careers and develop their own communities.

Analysis and Consulting

Tech Mex provides free valuable education and know-how to the people of Mexico. The courses we provide include both introductory level and advanced English, Business, and Technology education to help the people in Mexico gain access to the corporate market. These courses are often too expensive for some individuals in various communities.

Technology and Consultants

Our intention is to ensure that these programs stress community involvement and development. Our vision is to equip students with the know-how with which they can access higher skill jobs while also stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship to better their own communities

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Marketing Plan

The state of Sonora has a population of 3.04 million providing a healthy market of potential students. Ciudad Obregon is home to international companies and local brands, as well as call centers and programming companies, the latter of which would greatly benefit from this level of education in incoming candidates.

We have found that there are not any non-profit education institutions like Tech Mex, making this kind of institution invaluable and adding relevant subject matter of which this community could take full advantage. For Tech Mex to be a success, we will need to raise funds through donations from US-based companies.

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